MY PLANET is glad to welcome you!

We professionally breed the Yorkshire Terriers. It is a small, glam toy-sized dog, highly energetic, brave, loyal and clever. It is a loving friend.

The kennel is comparative young, but rapidly developing. We done outstanding and interesting work.

It all began long ago in 2004 year, when we have got our first dog. We worked for many years, covering the ground, taking part in competitions and exhibitions, understanding the specialties of handler’s job. We learnt a lot from other kennels experiences. We studied at Russian Cynological Federation kennel club. And of course much effort has been put into selection of lines and bloodlines from the best kennels.

Finally, it 2013 we officially registered our kennel in RKF/FCI and Russian Cynological Federation. We have almost 10-years experience. Our main activities are breeding, training, preparing for the exhibitions. Our dogs successfully win the world competitions. We have got awards in more than 10 countries.

If you choose to buy your puppy in our kennel, you will get not only a best friend, but also an overall assistance in breeding, advice on care and feeding.